Let’s talk about crates…

Crate training is important for a multitude of reasons! Car rides, for being home alone, to help teach potty training, when guests are over, for bed time, and to simply give them a safe space to rest and take a time out when they need one. They are also used after a surgery that requires extensive time to heal. Nobody likes a torn ACL but nobody wants to pay for that surgery twice either! Most people think “crates” with a negative connotation, but that’s not how it has to be! Most dogs LOVE their crates when trained PROPERLY. Most dogs can eventually have it to where their crates are more like a bedroom, with a bed and toys in it, just not at first. Unless your dog is named Friday and she’s why we can’t have nice things but dogs like her are few and far between. Usually after they’re potty trained completely they can start having toys and beds as long as they’re not shredders. The most common mistakes we see in this field is people sending their pup to the crate for punishment or when they are misbehaving. Using that tactic is not going to teach the dog that’s it’s a space meant for them to relax. It’s going to teach them that it’s a punishment and it will not make your dog comfortable with their crate. Using treats, “happy voices”, and praise when a pup goes in the crate is positive reinforcement and will ensure your pup knows that it’s a great place meant for positivity! Also, you can never be mad while putting your dog in a crate, if you’re frustrated with them and their unwillingness to enter then we have to think of a different approach and that’s something we can help with. It might be something as simple as getting a toy associated with the crate or even just treats. It should never be a struggle and if it’s a struggle something’s not being done right so please reach out to a professional . We won’t even charge you to give you tips and tricks because we want them happy too. We recommend you crate train your dog whether it’s a puppy, adult, senior, rescue, mutt, or even a dog that is potty trained, low energy, and trained in other areas! The reason for this is because all dogs need to be able to feel comfortable in a crate regardless of whether or not you think they will ever need one. When you take your dog to the groomers it goes into a crate before or after it’s appointment until you pick it up. When you take your dog to the vet for a procedure that requires them to stay overnight they will be in a kennel or crate. If you move or travel a long distance and take your dog, a crate is the safest option. Crates look awful and we understand that they look like a small little prison cells but please remember dogs are den animals and like to sleep in confined areas. There are so many reasons to crate train your best friend, so get to it! If you have any questions or concerns please reach out and we will do our best to help you out! Enjoy some cute photos of some of our clients enjoying their crates!

Here’s OakLee in her crate, this is what I walk into every morning. In case you didn’t notice, her bottom lock is not latched because she just goes into her crate and happily sleeps until I get there for her walk in the afternoon, and after that she willingly naps until her parents come home! She has no desire to leave her crate.
Here is Marley who doesn’t even need to ever be created but likes her crate so much that it stays up and she still goes in there anytime she wants to treat!

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