Still Here & Stronger Than Ever

Five and a half years ago I left my full-time career to change my path in life. Back then I wanted to take on the world and everything at once. I was starting a business and I wanted to do it all and all at once. I even started a blog back then but shockingly enough starting a business is REALLY hard. It was not just starting a business, but I also had a dying dog at home. Please, don’t read that and be sad. I knew what was coming, Jack had cancer and was given 4-6 weeks and I was honored that he choose me as his family and that he stuck around for nine wonderful months. I got to have a 140lb dog till he was 11.5 years old. That and starting a business from the ground was astoundingly hard, and some things had to be cut out. Unfortunately it was the blog, it was something I never got to keep up with, but 2020 is a whole different beast and I have the BEST support system on the planet! The women who walk beside me are as dedicated to this business as I am. This year we have already had to overcome a lot of things, but we are in this for the long run. Afterall, I feel if you make it through Covid as a small business then you need to embrace what you have and run with it. Our renewed promise is we are still here and better than ever. We will be growing and not just with being the best pet nannies in NE Ohio, but making a mark on our industry, improving our industry standards, and improving the lives of pets and people alike!

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