We will walk 500 miles

The importance of a dog walker/ sitter isn’t as basic as “I need someone to walk my dog”. If that’s all we did my days would be far easier and much more boring. We care about your dog(s) as if they were our own. This means when your furry roommate(s) gets ill at 10 PM we will be on the phone with you while you are waiting to see a vet. On Saturday morning when you are in a panic because Sue Ellen your beagle mix ate two M&Ms we are talking to you and telling you the ratio for H2O2 and that baking chocolates and dark chocolate are the ones where you run into problems. We are the ones you lean on when your husband tears his ACL and we may need to play back up for a few weeks, just in case but nothing in stone. We are the ones you ask when you’re walking in the St. Paddy’s day parade and you need an extra set of hands because three GSDs are a tad too much. We are the one who you contact the day after you lose your beloved friend and just wanted us to know when in reality we know it’s because you want to find comfort in someone who knew their soul even though they spent 8 years not speaking our languages. You reach out to us when your yard is being reseeded and your baby needs to express her baby Bara needs and you need to get some work done. We are the ones who you reach out to when you really need a shoulder while you say goodbye to your furry child and you know we also want to say goodbye. We are not just a walker but an extension of your care team and sometimes even an extension of your family.

I already bridged some of the worst and best case scenarios but there is a huge element that those without a reliable sitter/walker don’t see until it’s too late. When you don’t have someone who specializes in animal care what happens if you have an emergency? What happens when you and your spouse or family needs to go out of town for a funeral? What happens if you find yourself in a situation where you had an accident and you need another hand? What do you do if you find yourself laid up in the hospital? What do you do if you’re getting married and everyone you know will be with you? Do you have someone to call who can walk into your home that your dog is familiar with in the case the unexpected happens? Do you have someone you can all that you know your furry bestie will be happy and safe with in a moment’s notice?  I know a lot of people are thinking of their family as their answer but what you aren’t thinking of is the unexpected moments or a long term helping hand that can be relied on.

Usually the first thing out of peoples mouth is the price, it isn’t as much as people think it is and any good sitter and walker will work with you. We have clients we see once a week or every other week. These people hire us as an insurance policy for the most part. We can come in and take care of their animals and the dogs (cats too but they don’t like people anyways, JK! We all know cats love anyone who feeds them) are not upset or uneasy by our presence. They just think their friend is coming for a visit.

Dog walker

Then you have the added benefit of having a dog walker. When it is raining your furry four legged drool machine(s) still need their exercise and that goes for the snow too. We are better than the post office; we come every day at about the same time. We can work on socialization if you want to make sure your pooch gets to the dog park but you really don’t want to go at the crazy 5-7 hour. You dog should be exercised everyday but sometimes it’s hard to get them always in the schedule, what if you knew two days a week they would be taken care of and fully exercised? We just gave you at least an hour for you to get something else done or an hour to kick back and have that glass of wine on the porch while your pooch catches some rays next to you.  You also get a piece of mind that your dog has not been alone all day and if you want to go and grab a drink with coworkers after work you know your dog has been exercised and let out in the middle of the day. We give you a piece of mind.

I am not saying you have to go with LTWL by any means but we know who is the best ;)! The important part is to have someone to lean on in the case of an emergency. The thought of a dog walker is something you should think of if you work long hours or find yourself choosing the couch at night instead of walking or going out to play in the yard with your dog roommate(s). You would be surprised on how much it doesn’t cost.  I can only quote our prices but for two thirty minute walks/potty breaks a week it would only cost you $120.00 a month. That isn’t much if you think of what you get in return; piece of mind knowing you have backup, 4 free hours, ability to go out after work, knowing your dog is getting exercised, knowing your dog has an ally, knowing you have an ally. There is a lot to gain with very little risk on your end…


dog walking

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