The court of Lindsay presents: Breeder V Rescue

This is a hot button topic when it comes to dogs. I am (I will ALWAYS be Jack’s mom even though he is on the other side now) a rescue mom. I was raised in a pure breed house. My clients are about 50/50. I see both sides MINUS one thing, PUPPY MILLS ARE HORRIBILE! Pet shops are bad news. Let’s just get that one out there. Any money going to these placed is like funding Lex Luther or ISIS (that escalated quickly). Now let’s get to the facts:

All breeders are not in it for money. All breeders are not puppy mills. If you have a good breeder when you walk into their house let me tell you what you will find. Dog hair EVERYWHERE! Dog drool on the floor. Water bowls everywhere you turn and most importantly loving dogs who think you are there just for them because their owners’ whole lives are for these wonderful animals. A good breeder makes no money and actually probably loses some, if not a lot. Think of all the cost involved. The vet care for mamma and the puppies (mom is going to go at least 2 times and so will the puppies), the studding (daddies little swimmers) cost, the facility where mama will have them (for the record it may not happen there sometimes), the whelping box (a baby pool only works for so long), in home care when you cannot be present, all the utensils you will need, the personal time you take for looking into all perspective parents. I’m just going to stop here because I could go on. A good breeder will have this all in their home. When you get a dog from a good breeder you are getting an already adjusted member of your family ready to chew up you life and hands, ohhh and hair (puppies LOVE to rip your hair out)!

These are not the condition you get from puppy mill dogs. You get a disassociated mess that charged you a few hundred bucks for a spiritually broken puppy who thinks all people are evil. Your whole life turns into loving this broken dog who some people just think you should have given up on as they are telling you this your beloved pet is cowering in the corner.

Most rescued dogs (from a shelter) are loving and thankful. Did you notice the MOST? You don’t know where your dog came from if you rescue and when you walk out of the shelter you have to know that. You may drop a pan and you 1 yr old mix may run for the hills. You may get in a heated argument with your other half and your 3 yr old rescue can turn aggressive and attack them. You may have the sweetest senior poodle and your good friend could bring over their child and your sweet little senior can turn into Cujo. You don’t know, that is the biggest problem with our furry best friends they cannot talk to us, health or their past.

I had a great dog. The best big guy anyone could ask for. He taught me about myself. He taught me about my limits. He taught me how to be responsible. He taught me how to put another living being first. He was a giant pain in the butt. He never got over his first 3-4 months. He was pretty much agoraphobic with severe anxiety and attachment issues. With my background you would think I could break it but sometimes the damage is too severe. One of my rescues is this GREAT GSD. I love that boy and his mom more than word but he is a handful! We wouldn’t have it any other way but because how he was brought up he is stuck in this permanent puppy stage. He is still young but his sisters are a year and a little over a year and they are so much better behaved than he is. I cannot express this enough, I wouldn’t change Chance for anything in this world and either would his mom but no one will say he is easy. He makes me laugh and giggle every day and I miss him so much when he isn’t home (he has to go to “school” once a week to get his energy out). My point is you never know. You have to be completely open to the unknown when you are rescuing. It isn’t for everyone. That isn’t to say you cannot own a dog! You just cannot walk into a shelter and walk out with a new family member.

The important part of bringing a new pet into your family is you know what you are getting into and just a hint; if it is a puppy you have NO CLUE. Even if you are ready, you are not. If you are a person who doesn’t like the unexpected then a purebred puppy is probably your best bet. Then again if you can fly by the seat of your pants, a mixed breed pup could be perfect for you. If you know what bred you want but have no need for a puppy there are HUNDREDS of breed rescues that can help you with an age or breed specific dogs, and a good breeder can help point you to a good rescue, happily. If they are unwilling to help you find a rescued dog that they breed then they are NOT good breeders!

Do your part in bettering this world if you choose to adopt a new member of your family, they are there for their whole life and just a part of yours. Your home should be their home FOREVER. Do not think yourself as a martyr for all the rescued in the world if you choose to rescue and do not think your dog is better merely because it has a champion in its blood line or because it is a pure blood if you choose to go to a breeder. If you do either of those then you are exactly the same type of person and that is a judgmental prick. Having the love for animals should be a common place for all of us not one better than the other. It is a great common thread you should share with a lot of people and never feel you are better because you are close minded and judgmental.

As for me, I am up for rescuing a pure GSD PUPPY otherwise I want a Norwegian Elkhound, like my beloved Max was. Why those breeds? Because they work for me. I already know GSDs. I love Chance, and his antics, GSD have an attitude problem and I love it. I love how trainable GSD’s are which I see in Maya, Teagan and Rocco. Lastly, I was terrified of this breed. I had a pretty bad experience with them and I over came it with love and adoration. They are over bred and a lot of people don’t understand what they are getting into so there is a lot of them who show up in shelters and rescues. As for the NE, it is because they are a perfect match for me and my life style. They are the perfect size and temperament. Mostly, I just LOVE them to pieces! See I am an either or type of girl but very much a dog lover first and foremost!

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