DO SOMETHING! Fat Tuesdays

Now that you know your dog is fat and have cut out the treats the next step is pretty easy. Get out and do something! Anything is a step in the right direction. I always recommend trying to train your pooch to play fetch but not all dogs are fetching dogs. Jack liked to break all the rules and only would play fetch with himself by throwing his own toy and going and getting it. Plus, my house isn’t that big so having a 140 lb shepherd tearing through wasn’t conducive so it was a blessing that he was a loner. Fetch is a great way to get your dog to run off excess calories.


If you haven’t walked your dog on a regular basis you may have to start small. Just down the street every night will be a great start on the right track. I don’t care if you think you are too busy you need to do this for your animal. Start small then build it up. You will have to be diligent with this and it is not a temporary fix this is a permanent change on you and your dog’s life. If you cannot take at least thirty minutes out of your day to spend well needed time with them then I hate to tell you that you shouldn’t own a dog.


I think we need to talk about the importance of exercising you dog. This isn’t just if they are overweight. Exercise is an integral part of your dog’s health and well being along with weight control. I want you to keep in mind that a wolf runs 10-30 miles a day in the wild. Yes, this is to find food and no this mileage does not apply to domesticated dogs especially if you have a small breed but you dog needs at least a few miles every day. If you think about our Fitbit obsession these days and how much is calls for us to move. We are suppose to move 5 miles every day so I hate to point to out but your larger dogs should be doing at least 3.5 but more wouldn’t hurt. If your dog is under exercised then you can expect added problems. We are talk aggression and destructive behaviors. This post isn’t about why you should exercise your pet we will hit on the training benefits later but if you have a dog with behavioral problems I highly suggest you start getting out with them more.


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