No cookies for you! Fat Tuesday

We now know your dog is fat so what is your first step? Throw out all the dog treats!! You do not get to buy them again until you, the owner, is able to show self restraint. You adult dog does not need a cookie every time it goes outside. You adult dog doesn’t need a cookie every time you come in or go out. Your adult dog does not need a cookie every time it does something right. If they do need it then you need to seek the help of a dog trainer. By the age of one your dog should only be getting treats once and awhile. By now they need to know your love and praise is good enough.


You need to be their buddy and friend in this. Statically, overweight dogs have over weight owners so along with the dog treats throw out the human treats. You will be surprised as your dog starts to lose the pounds so will you. You are companions in your whole life not just the fun stuff.


Start rewarding them with things like carrots and green beans. These healthy alternatives will be good not only now but in the long run. As your dog get older and you start facing illness you will realize one of the best things to do is get them on a diet with healthy food. It will make all the difference. We will talk about cancer diets and other aliments after we get you current situation under wraps.


You can also make your own treats which are simple and can be used on a special basis like birthdays and holidays. Every day use should be the veggies we talked about. Here is a great recipe for sweet potato cookies.

fat bitch



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