Fat Tuesdays, Acceptance and Call to act


We are about to have a very frank discussion about your pet’s health. If you cannot see where your pets rib cage is they are overweight! If you have a young animal (not still growing) you have nothing to worry about. They are like children, sometimes they grow out before they grow up. This is not about baby animals, baby chub is OK.


Fat shaming has become taboo but not here. I am going to fat shame everyone who has an overweight pet. You are killing your animal! It is not OK. I cannot sit by and pretend that it is OK because if you are an overweight person this is your choice but your animal does not have a choice. YOU ARE KILLING THEM. I am going to mainly focus on dogs here but if you have questions on other animals I will do my best to answer them.


Look at your dog. Are they fat? Are you going to first jump to excuses? If I ask are you walking them, is your first response going to be they don’t like it? That is a bold face lie. My Jack didn’t like going for long walks because he had severe anxiety. I couldn’t take him far from home because he would get scared but we walked down our street and around our block. He was lazy and would sit in the middle of the block so I would sit with him. He still liked his walks. Since he didn’t like going for long periods of time I diligently watched what he ate. No snacks. No table scraps. There is a way around obesity. Just like in humans what you are feeding them as a lot to do with it. He may not have liked to go for walks but we played outside in his safe back yard. He did not have a sedentary life and he did not do well on walks but he still got exercise. If you are saying your dog doesn’t like it, it is because you are lazy! It is time to step up as a pet owner and accept your own failures.


Do you walk your dog and are they still over weight? Then you have poor feeding habits. YOU, not your dog, this is YOUR doing. Are you feeding them a lot of table food? What about their food? Do you have quality dog food? Cheep dog food is like our microwave meals. It is full of preventives and fillers. Do you think giving a few pieces of deli meat is OK but you still give them a full serving of their meals? Do you add protein like chicken to their meals but still give the suggested servings? Do you notice all the you in this post? Because it is you not them. If you accept this is your problem then we can start fixing it.


I think any obesity is a shame. I think we are given one body and we should be thankful for it. I don’t believe in making your life miserable to have a perfect body but I also don’t believe in abusing it. The world is vast and wonderful and you should be able to enjoy it. If you choose in your personal like to be sedentary then that is a personal choice but do not force it on your furry best friends! It is time to change your pets life and who knows it could change your life too!

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