Don’t let them bring you down…

It was so tempting to use Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” lyrics but I refrained!


Let’s chat about collars and not being judgmental pet owners. I frankly don’t care about your personal thoughts on this matter. Everyone has an opinion and you are entitled to yours but I am the professional here. Number one rule of keeping your dog safe is to have control over them. This is common sense. If you cannot control your dog, horrible things can happen. You could get hurt and your dog could die. I don’t care if you have a 200lb Mastiff or a 6lb Yorkie. Obviously, a 6lb dog is far easier to control or are they…


WRONG! I have far more control over 120lb Jazz (Great Dane) than little Bijou (French Bulldog) who cannot be more than 20lbs. Max (55lbs) was the hardest dog in his house to control on a walk and Sparky (pitbull) is the simplest. Bijou walks like a drunk college student and is always darting from one side to another if she isn’t just laying down because she doesn’t want to walk anymore. Max HATED walks and would constantly and randomly try to turn us around. Both are/were wonderfully behaved dogs but these are all dogs we are talking about. They cannot talk to us. We don’t know if they see a squirrel, smell another dog, get spooked or anything else. They are not going to look up at you and say “Hey mom or dad, can we go that way” therefore you NEED to purchase the correct collar for your situation and the control you have over your animal.

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Do you know how horrible a dislocated shoulder is? By the way you would be surprised by how hard a 10lb dog can pull when you are not expecting it. It is all about the angles kids! They can pull you off a paved section of a walk way and break your ankle, tear your meniscus or throw your back out just because you were not prepared and you thought that pinch collar looked to gruesome. A little pinch is a lot better than your dog running away, getting hit by a car or you injuring yourself. I am more about the animal, sorry. Yes, it should just be a little pinch! They are a training device that is all. They should only be on your pet while outside, walking or running with YOU. Never unattended. There is a huge debate about chokers and just like the rest of the world idiots are ruining it! If fitted correctly the chokers should not cause damage. It is equivalent to someone pinching you stomach fat.  Dogs and humans have different anatomy. Stop anthropomorphizing your animal. They have much more excess skin on their neck, BECAUSE THEY ARE ANIMALS. It is to protect their vital organ (throat) during mating and pack dominance altercations. Get it, walking only. Those assholes that keep their dogs tied out on them are worthless human beings. People who do not take them off and let their dog’s neck grow around it should be given a special type of necktie. Number one thing to remember you MUST have all the control. I know people who tried the chokers and their dogs almost choked themselves out. Guess what they did, got rid of the choke collars and tried something different.

Gentle Leads are not because a dog is mean. It is because they do not allow dogs to pull. They cannot even pull a little. Why doesn’t everyone just use those? Because some dogs can pull them off their faces, other dogs get anxious when something is over their mouth. It just doesn’t work for everyone.

Not all dogs are uncontrollable because they have a harness on. Sometimes it is because of their build or a health condition. One more time, as long as you can control your dog that is all that matters while they are outside exercising.

There is not a general fix for all dogs that is going to work. You just have to try and not get on your high horse because that boxer looks vicious with its pinch collar….

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